Timing Chains

Timing chains are essentially responsible for making an engine’s internal components move at precisely the right time.

What’s more the moving components inside the engine effectively share the same space within milliseconds of each other moving in and out of the shared space. Therefore if one component were to mistime its part in moving away before the other was inbound, there would be a destructive collision of metal internals. The crunching, twisting and bending of these components, can irreversibly damage an engine or at the very least become an unnecessarily costly repair.


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Some motorists with engines driven by timing chains are often mistaken that because their engine is chain driven, the chain assembly does not require maintenance or replacement.

The common misconception is that a chain only requires attention when one can pick-up an audible note or the engine manifests a running fault, which in some cases is very much incorrect.

Many manufacturers advise of chain and ancillary-part replacement at certain stages in an engines life. Some manufacturers have subsequently introduced such intervals sometime after a vehicles manufacture, others have altered or modified retrofitting components long after a vehicles release, both suggesting either a weakness or design flaw has been identified as a vehicle begins to age and therefore preventative action should be taken.

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