Exhaust systems have become complex systems over the years, now comprising of gaskets, manifolds, clamps, hangers, silencers, resonators, catalysts, DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filter), EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) Valves, Waste Gates and even Turbo’s are closely associated with exhaust systems. We haven’t yet mentioned the sensors and valves that work to monitor flow, temperatures, soot content ash content, NOX and sulfur, O2, inject fluid and monitor and help adapt rich or lean conditions… it gets real busy under there!

We at White Swan Garage offer a wide variety of exhaust related products and services and can diagnose and provide an estimate based on your particular requirement, please contact our team for more information.



We offer a range of DPF services for blocked or clogged DPF’s, from forced static & active regeneration’s to Diesel Particulate Filter deep cleaning. We can also advise on a range of chemicals and processes that can help get the best out of passive regeneration’s whilst on your daily commute.

Whether your system has a fault that has manifested itself in a mechanical, audible or electrical form, please contact us for advice or to arrange an inspection. Our team strive to offer the most cost effective and suitable solution with longevity and your budget in mind.