We have worked with local educational institutions in developing students through work experience programs and apprenticeship schemes for many years.

Some of these include more intensive short-placement with daily attendance to a once a week long-placement over a longer length of time.

We help our apprentices through their level 1,2 & 3 progression in addition to offering a real-life experience of working in a team and becoming used to safety and ethics in the workplace. We meet with their course tutors and set out goals and objectives for optimal learning.

Many work experience and/or apprentices are offered full or part time employment upon completion of their course some of which are likely working with us today!


Meet Roose:

Name: Roosavelt Felizardo

Age: 20

Currently a Level 2 Light Vehicle Technician

“I came to White Swan Garage and asked if they would give me a work experience position as part of my Light Vehicle Technician course at Uxbridge College. The guys were friendly and instructed me to inform my college tutor and begin the enrolling process. My college contacted Ricky and before i knew it i was working and studying at the same time, i even get paid a little too! I am hoping to get a full time job here once I finish my studies and know already that I am part of the team”

We encourage any apprentice and/or local institutes to contact us via email at with any programs we can help with.