Cooling System

Cooling systems are a fantastic thing when they are working at optimum and play a vital role in both the engine’s and the driver’s comfort.

Starting its day stationary, an attractive coloured fluid (coolant/antifreeze) sits warming in your engine as soon as the key is turned.

As soon as the coolant reaches the desired temp, a door opens and with the assistance of built pressure and a water pump it flows through a series of hoses, pipes and finally the radiator that displaces the heat from the near boiling water. The fluid then returns back to the engine in a cooler state completing a cycle and bringing the engine temperature down as it starts another cycle; Thus maintaining engine temperature.

Of course it is a lot more complex than that with fans, sensors and modules that all play their part but that is the basics of a cooling system.

Whats also clever is when you require heat through your fans inside the car, the air is drawn, through and over a matrix hidden behind your dashboard, this matrix does not only further cool the coolant within it (on it’s cycle) but also provides ALL of that hot air to the passengers too!


Some of the common cooling system components/problems we work with include:

Radiators Hoses, Pipes & Coolant-Flanges
Expansion Tanks Thermostats / Thermostat Housings
Water pumps Gaskets and Seals
Fans / Viscous Couplings / Cowlings Switches & Sensors
Heater Controls Air Conditioning Components
Leaks Overheating

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