From the wheels that connect your vehicle to the ground, to the wheel you control from the driving seat we offer the full range of steering related repairs and services.
Suspension & Steering systems rely on one another to offer a comfortable and responsive driving experience, they play a vital role in controlling the vehicle in motion and therefore it is imperative that they are well maintained.

Some of the other products and services we offer in the steering and suspension range include:

Coil Springs Driveshafts
Shock Absorbers Bearings
Strut Mounts Modules
Steering Arms / Wishbones Air Springs / Air Bags
Tie / Track Rods Air Compressors
Steering Racks Ride Height Sensors
Steering Columns Valve Blocks
Power Steering Pumps Air Tanks /Vessels
Stabiliser Links Hoses / Pipes
Bushes Tracking Services

In addition to everyday repairs we can also diagnose & rectify squeaks, pulling, vibrations, knocks or scrapes and address any steering and/or suspension related warning lights too.

Air Suspension Problem?

We offer all kinds of repairs to pneumatic “Air Suspension” systems including mechanical, integration, calibration and computer diagnostics.

We can detect and repair leaks, replace and upgrade faulty compressors/pumps and vessels.