Clutch replacement is a labour intensive task and therefore can be a costly repair, it is therefore important that primarily all clutch and ancillary parts are replaced as part of a clutch replacement and important for vehicle owners to clarify this upon seeking a quotation.

Equally important to the replacement of these components is to ensure that these parts are sourced from an OE/OEM supplier.

We at White Swan Garage ensure that this is all accounted for in our quotation to you and will also advise on other potential costs such as the possibility of flywheel replacement and your new fluids too.

Once offering a comprehensive quote and being granted the trust of working on your vehicle we remove, inspect and clean the internal gearbox components and will advise of our findings where necessary.

Finally the replacement parts are fitted and the vehicle reassembled ready for any fine adjustments and a road test.



Bad Clutch?

Symptoms can include:

  • High clutch pedal travel before biting point is found
  • Higher RPM required to achieve power / pick-up
  • Slipping: When in motion and accelerating Engine RPM surges up with no relative power distributed to the wheels before the end of the gear range