From simple braking systems of the 1980’s through to much more complex braking systems governed by modules and monitored by sensors today, we offer a complete solution for your electronic, mechanical or friction needs.

We advocate the use of only R90 and R13 standards set by the international motor industry, these EU Approved friction materials are produced & branded as Original Equipment (OE) or produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Brake time?

Some motorists aren’t aware of how affordable it is for a fitted set of brake pads on their vehicle and with a fitting price of just £39.99 you wont be ‘breaking’ the bank with us.

  Labour Charges (+VAT)
Brake Pads £39.99
Brake Pads and Discs £79.99
Brake Shoes £44.99
Brake Shoes and Drums £74.99
Brake Clean & Handbrake Adjustment £34.99

Vehicles that require electronic computer integration for brake fitment may be subject to an additional £14.99 + VAT charge.



We can also diagnose & rectify squeaks, leaks, brake binding and address brake related warning lights too, some other products and services we offer in the braking range include:


Brake Pads Brake Drums
Brake Wear Sensors Wheel Cylinders
ABS Sensors Brake Cables
ABS Module services Brake Hoses
Brake Discs Custom Made Brake Pipes
Fluid Change Electronic Parking Brake Modules
Electronic Bleeding EPB Calibration
Pedal Switches Brake Servos
Brake Shoes Master Cylinders
Brake Calipers Brake Cleaning and Adjustment


If you do not see what you require above, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information