Head Gaskets

The Head Gasket is a mating gasket between the lower part of the engine (The Block) and the upper part of the engine (The Cylinder Head).

The Cylinder head is essentially the busiest part of the engine with cavities for air, oil, fuel and water, bored and shaped for valves, camshafts, inlet and exhaust manifolds, pistons, gaskets and more, this deserves a website of its own to explain its finer workings; The excellence in craft, the fine tolerances an the intricate labyrinth of passages make this by far the “Head” of the Engine!



Unfortunately the more complex something is and the finer the tolerances of heat, lubrication, cooling and combustion the more care that needs to be taken, with this in mind often a simple thing like an ignored low coolant light or an oversight of the temperature needle spiking can cause devastating effects to the cylinder head or the gasket that seals and separates the various cavities, channels and it’s own mating surface against the engine block.


Fortunately if the worst were to happen we can help, offering everything from diagnosing & testing, replacing cylinder head gaskets, skimming / refacing, pressure testing, cam shafts, valve stem seals, rockers, tappets. valve and rocker cover gaskets, cooling system repairs and more!